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MVE Biological Solutions is the life sciences’ most trusted provider of cryogenic storage solutions for Animal Health and Breeders. We’re known for our work supporting these markets around the globe.

Our clients range from independent breeders and biopharma start-ups to international commercial breeding companies and veterinary pharmaceutical companies.

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MVE Biological Solutions is the global leading manufacturer of cryogenic storage and shipping devices. For over 60 years, we set the standard for storing biological materials at low temperatures. MVE is the preferred brand for cryogenic equipment in various application areas, including biopharma, cell and gene therapies, storage of cord blood and stem cells, medical research facilities, government institutions, IVF centers, hospitals and clinics, and animal husbandry and livestock.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Because we are a leading global manufacturer of cryogenic freezers and dewars, the Life Science and Animal Health sectors turn to us with total confidence. And our products never disappoint.

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