MVE Blood Bag Shippers

Safe, secure cryogenic shipping

At MVE, we support the storage and cryogenic shipping of a broad range of samples. We know that clinical trials need various storage options for their biological products. And so, we manufacture the fullest range of premium quality equipment to help you transport blood bags in cassette holders, vials, boxes and straws.

Our Cryoshipper and our Cryoshipper XC have a capacity of (10) 250 ml blood bags. Both models allow you to ship in nitrogen vapor at cryogenic temperatures. The Cryoshipper has a 10-day hold time, while the Cryoshipper XC’s static hold time is an impressive 14 days.

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Specifically designed for blood bag shipping

As well as offering a wide range of larger vapor shippers, we’re proud to offer this series of smaller, dedicated blood bag shippers. The CT-50 holds two 25 mL blood bags in a lightweight vessel. The CT-250 holds two 250 mL blood bags in a dewar that weighs less than 40 lbs. charged.

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Transport and store

After you’ve transported your blood bags, you can fill your MVE Blood Bag Shippers with liquid nitrogen for longer-term storage when they reach their destination. This feature is tailor-made for clinical trials.

Peace of mind during shipping

All MVE aluminum blood bag shippers may be combined with our customized PPSC protective shipping case. Additionally, our PDF data loggers may be installed on these dewars to verify proper temperature maintenance during the delivery process.

Need to make large shipments? We’ve got you covered

If you need to make very large shipments of blood bags, our 1536 PD stainless steel, ISO-framed shipper is the ideal solution. The unit capacity will vary depending upon the size of your blood bags. But, to give you some context – and an idea of how flexible these vapor shippers are – they can hold over 2,900 25 ml bags. They are also typically outfitted with racks to accommodate sizes up to 700 ml.

Learn more about our MVE 1536 PD Dry Shipper.

If you’d like a tailored quote for your specific needs, please contact our expert technicians today.

Conforms to MDD 93/42/EEC, the Medical Device Directive for the EU

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