The MVE CryoCart

MVE Cryocart

Load and transport your cryogenic samples with confidence

Do you work in a biorepository, freezer farm or biobanking facility? And do you need to transport large quantities of cryogenic samples using a portable cryogenic workbench — from one tank to another —without compromising their viability? If so, the MVE CryoCart could be just what you need. This innovative piece of equipment has been the standard in minimizing time-out-of-environment-events for cellular products for more than a decade.


Cryogenic certainty, even with the lid open

The MVE CryoCart isn’t just a transport unit. It also serves as a portable cryogenic workbench, giving you a safe, controlled environment for your samples for up to eight hours with the lid open. This means you can load your biological samples into canes, boxes, racks and frames, safe in the knowledge they’re protected. And when the lid is closed, you have an impressive 18 hours of hold time.

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Your facility needs the MVE CryoCart if:

  • You work in a busy biorepository, freezer farm or biobanking facility with multiple cryo freezers, such as the HE series or the HEco Series.
  • You need to transport and manage critical samples at cryogenic temperatures.
  • You need the option of an attachable LN2 supply.

Learn more about the HE Series and the HEco Series.

Principal Features

  • Approximate hold time of 18 hours with lid on
  • Omega temperature monitor with type T Thermocouple
  • Traceable calibration certificate with RS232 PC interface
  • LN2 transfer hose connection with ball valve and relief valve
  • Available without plumbing and temperature recorder
  • CE marked

If you’d like a tailored quote for your specific needs, or if you’d like to find out how the MVE CryoCart can bring certainty and reliability to your biobanking facility, freezer farm or biorepository, please get in touch today. Our expert technicians will be pleased to help.

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